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Athletics at Our Lady of Victory Catholic School in Compton, CA


Our Lady of Victory Catholic Schoolalso prides itself on using the activities in the athletics program to develop a Godly character in each learner that participates. With Christ at the center of our program, we achieve not only competitive results, but strong character traits.

We find that although we are called to be courteous and respectful to the other team, healthy competition helps learners prepare for some of the challenges life will throw at them.

Performing Arts at Our Lady of Victory Catholic School in Compton, CA

Performing Arts

Our Lady of Victory Catholic School does not only provide a way for learners to be involved in physical activities. We also believe that there should be a place where creativity thrives and stirs.

The Choir is such a place in our school. They practice and meet after school hours to hone their skills and develop their unity. They have several platforms on which they are able to express themselves and their competitions.

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