School-wide Learning Expectations

(Revised 10/20/2021)

An OLV student is an Active Catholic who…

  • Prays daily throughout the day
  • Regularly participates and is engaged in the Liturgy
  • Possesses knowledge of the Church’s history
  • Understands the beliefs and doctrine of the Catholic Church
  • Lives the Gospel through words and actions in the Spirit of Jesus Christ

An OLV student is a Responsible Citizen who …

  • Respects and appreciates cultural diversity within the community
  • Values the dignity of all life
  • Is a caretaker of all of God’s creation
  • Is aware of local, national and global issues
  • Is of service to the school and the community

An OLV student is a Life-long Learner who …

  • Challenges themselves spiritually by taking ownership of their actions
  • Challenges themselves academically
  • Sets and attains goals
  • Is respectful to self and to others

An OLV student is a Social person who …

  • Cooperates and collaborates with others
  • Uses technology to interact
  • Solves problems

An OLV student is College and Career Ready who …

  • Uses digital citizenship to engage with society
  • Uses the disciplines collectively and applies science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)
  • Demonstrates reading, speaking, and listening skills
  • Applies Critical Thinking skills
  • Is an effective communicator