First Grade

Hello! My name is Miss Vargas and I will be teaching first grade at Our Lady of Victory Catholic School this year. I am so excited to learn and grow with my students.

Friday, April 3rd

Happy Friday, Parents, and Students! Today is our last day before spring break! We will not be having a zoom call today, but I will be putting a video out this afternoon of a read-aloud and some math.

I would like students to reread “Play Ball” which can be found on the Superkids online portal. After they read it, I would like for students to complete word workbook pg. 59.
Students should share the story they wrote with someone today.

We are working on the same lesson as yesterday, but I would like students to complete the homework from this lesson. If they do not have a paper copy, they can do the work on the whiteboard.

Social Studies: Review the pamphlet on being a good citizen and create a list of 3 ways we can be a good citizen.

Religion: Mass

PE: PE with Joe puts out daily videos for PE. These are a great way to get up and moving during this time.

Thursday, April 2nd

Good Morning, Parents and Students!
Today we have a Zoom call at 9:30! I am so excited to see you there! If you are unable to make it, I will be recording a video lesson that will be shared this afternoon.

Word Workbook pages 56-57 and 3 IXL activities.
I would like for students to read “The Big Fall” which can be found on our class story.

We will be doing the problem set from this lesson today if you have the packet. If you do not have the packet, please work on IXL (2-3 activities) A short lesson on this topic will be included in the video this afternoon.

Religion: I would like for students to continue to pray for their prayer partners and for the world. In addition to this, I would like students to practice being helpful by doing at least 1 random act of kindness today. This can be as simple as helping around the house or doing a chore or homework without being asked to.

Science: I would like for students to review the pamphlet on water and complete the last page of the Social Studies packet. It is a sorting activity of fresh vs. saltwater animals. If students would like they may draw additional animals that can be found in fresh and saltwater.

Music: Mr. Z has uploaded a lesson for our class!