Google Classroom and Remind


study for spelling test


Tuesday Homework-Page 324, 1-17

-Write the question and answer

-Test on Wednesday-Section 1


Math and Science


Tuesday Homework-Page 257, 8,13,21,22,25



Test on Thursday- Muscular System

Social studies

Finish summary and illustration for the Iliad or Odyssey

Social studies

Quiz on Friday- section 3 questions page 275

Heat and Heat Technology Test

Study for chapter 9 test on Tuesday 4/26

Spring Break

The second trimester reports cards will be sent home on Wednesday, March 23, in the Wednesday envelope.

Thursday, March 24th is our last day before we go on break. School will be out at 12:00

School will resume April 11.  Enjoy your break.

Happy Easter!



Science Homework:

-Page 194 Vocabulary words from sections 1,2,3 and page 196 questions 7-13

Test on Thursday

Math Homework:

-Monday-Page 206, 16-25

Volcano research project/ test


All projects are due

Students will present their information to the class beginning this week.


Social Studies- Parents, please look over your child’s test and return it signed by tomorrow

Thank you