Dear Parents,

Greetings! Report cards will be mailed by office. The office will be open this Friday, and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of next week from 9am to 3pm for homework return and the free lunch program. It will be closed the rest of the week and the following week for spring vacation. I will have a couple of assignments which will be optional, if want your child to do something during the next 2 weeks. In the big envelop you will find checked homework for you to take home. Please make sure that each page your child does at home, has name and date in D’Nealian printing style, even if papers are stapled or clipped. Feel free to contact me anytime during the next 2 weeks.

Blessed and Safe Easter,

Mr Chavez cell 424.271.1359


Good afternoon, Parents!
Please do not drop-off completed homework until this Friday when new packet will be available. Thanks, Mr Chavez
IBuenas tardes, padres!
Po favor de no traer tarea completada hasta este viernes cuando el nuevo paquete estara disponible. Gracias, Sr.Chavez

Lined Paper/Papel de Lineas

Dear Parents,

Welcome! The ice cream lined paper is for students to practice their spelling words. Also, they can practice D’Nealian printing on it using the ABC paper by writing sentences, stories, etc. All the work they do needs to be in that printing style which will prepare them for cursive writing.Thank you, Mr. Chavez

Queridos Padres,

iBienvenidos! El papel de lineas con la nieve es para que los ninos practiquen las palabras del spelling (ortografia). Tambien lo pueden usar para practicar la imprenta D’Nealian como esta el papel del alfabeto, escribiendo oraciones, historias, etc. Todos los trabajos que hacen tienen que usar ese estilo de imprenta que los prepararan para escribir en cursivo. Gracias, Sr. Chavez