Our Lady of Victory School At a Glance in Compton, CA

At a Glance

Our Philosophy

At Our Lady of Victory School, the primary focus is to guide students in their development as active Catholics in today’s world. The school aims to provide a supportive environment where students can grow in their faith and develop their God-given talents. The emphasis is on helping each child realize their potential.

The school follows a performance-based approach to education, which means that it utilizes assessment strategies to measure achievement and hold all stakeholders accountable. Teachers, students, administrators, and parents are all expected to actively participate in ensuring that students are performing at or above grade level.

Our Lady of Victory School is committed to delivering a quality education and fostering a positive climate for learning. The school strives to nurture and support each student, enabling them to achieve success and academic excellence. Recognizing that parents are the primary educators of their children, the school also partners with parents in the religious and academic formation of their children.

Our Lady of Victory School aims to provide a comprehensive education that integrates faith, academic excellence, and a strong partnership with parents to prepare students for their future roles in society as active and engaged Catholics.

School-wide Learning Expectations

(Revised 10/20/2021)

An OLV student is an Active Catholic who…

Prays daily throughout the day
Regularly participates and is engaged in the Liturgy
Possesses knowledge of the Church’s history
Understands the beliefs and doctrine of the Catholic Church
Lives the Gospel through words and actions in the Spirit of Jesus Christ

An OLV student is a Responsible Citizen who …

Respects and appreciates cultural diversity within the community
Values the dignity of all life
Is a caretaker of all of God’s creation
Is aware of local, national and global issues
Is of service to the school and the community

An OLV student is a Life-long Learner who …

Challenges themselves spiritually by taking ownership of their actions
Challenges themselves academically
Sets and attains goals
Is respectful to self and to others

An OLV student is a Social person who …

Cooperates and collaborates with others
Uses technology to interact
Solves problems

An OLV student is College and Career Ready who …

Uses digital citizenship to engage with society
Uses the disciplines collectively and applies science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)
Demonstrates reading, speaking, and listening skills
Applies Critical Thinking skills
Is an effective communicator