Faculty and Staff

Our Faculty and Staff are dedicated and committed to ensuring that students are educated in a supportive and safe environment.

Fr. Gilberto Rodriguez
Our Lady of Victory Church
Mrs. Ruth Villaneda
Mrs. Glenda Canas
Transitional Kindergarten
Email: Transitional Kindergarten
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Ms. Cindy Madrigal
TK Teacher Aide
Email: TK Aide
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Ms. Brenda Guevara-Garcia
Email: Kindergarten
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Mr. Sergio Gonzalez
First Grade
Email: First Grade
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Mr. Marc Chavez
Second Grade
Email: Second Grade
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Ms. Esperanza Torres
Third Grade
Email: Third Grade
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Mr. Derek Gray
Fourth Grade
Email: Fourth Grade
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Mrs. Herlinda Alvarez
Fifth Grade
Email: Fifth Grade
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Mr. Carlos Velador
6th Grade
Email: Sixth Grade
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Mr. Clint Nitkiewicz
7th Grade
Email: Seventh Grade
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Ms. Bernice Zacarias
Eighth Grade
Email: Eighth Grade
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Mrs. Anne Brown
Finance Director
Email: Finance Director

Ms. Olivia Kelly
Administrative Assistant
Email: Administrative Assistant
Mr. Adonias Martinez
Office Assistant
Ms. Jessica Hernandez
Meal Program
Mrs. Martina Gonzalez
Meal Program
Mr. Miguel Mendoza
Facilities Maintenance