Week 9: May 25th-29th

Please note that these assignments are to be started on the dates above. Thank you.

Please do not forget to work on your journal and do not forget to submit every single day.

Day 1:

Happy Memorial Day!

Day 2:

SuperKids Unit 24 Lesson 4 Page 24-25 and Practice Page 53-54

California Studies Weekly: Summer Celebration

Day 3:

SuperKids Unit 24 Lesson 5 Page 25-27 and Practice Page 55-56

Practice memorizing your home address and trying your shoe laces

Religion: Weekly Bible Reading with Family

Day 4:

SuperKids Unit 24 Lesson 6 Page 28-29

Science Studies Weekly: Earth-Space-Science-Water

Religion: Pray the Rosary

Day 5:

SuperKids Unit 24 Lesson 7 Page 30

California Studies Weekly: Summer Celebration

Religion: Memorize the “Our Father” Prayer