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Our Lady of Victory Catholic School, Compton, CA

Our Focus

Individual Purpose

We believe that each learner is given a purpose, and we wish to see holistic development of the tools they need to fulfill their purpose.

Academically Excellent

Because of the Catholic Framework in education, this drives us as a school to present the very best opportunities to our learners to develop their abilities to a place of excellence.

Socially Responsible

We acknowledge the unique nature of each person and do not tolerate discriminatory actions in any manner.

Average Class Size

Our Lady of Victory School offers small
class sizes between 15-20 students per class



Accredited by WASC/WCEA

Christian Faculty


We have dedicate teachers and staff committed to providing a faith-filled education.

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Morning Care

Offered this year from 7:30am-9:00am

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Principal’s Corner

Mrs. Yvonne Wilcox - Principal at Our Lady of Victory Catholic School in Compton, California
Dear OLV Families,

I am deeply honored and humbled to embark on this new principal journey with you, rooted in faith and guided by the values and teachings of our Catholic tradition.

Faith is a powerful force that unites us and provides a strong foundation for our work together. As we navigate the challenges and joys of education, we can draw strength and inspiration from our shared belief in God’s love and our commitment to nurturing the spiritual growth of our students.

At Our Lady of Victory, we have the incredible opportunity to shape the lives of the young minds entrusted to our care. Through the integration of faith, knowledge, and character development, we can instill in our students the values and virtues that will guide them throughout their lives. Together, we can foster an environment that supports their academic growth, fosters their personal development, and nurtures their relationship with God.

Our Lady of Victory School was established in 1940 to serve the parish which was established in 1911. OLV School has undoubtedly played a significant role in nurturing the faith and education of generations of students. The humble beginnings of five classrooms and a parish hall highlight the determination and resourcefulness of the community to provide a place of learning and spiritual development.

If you would like information about our school please call 310-631-1320.

Mrs. Yvonne Wilcox

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